September 26, 2023

Top Three Takeaways from PACK EXPO 2023

In a highly competitive market, manufacturers must prioritize industry-specific, user-friendly software solutions to meet evolving consumer preferences.

A few weeks ago, the manufacturing industry gathered in vibrant Las Vegas, Nevada for PACK EXPO 2023, the largest packaging and processing show in North America. This event brought together industry leaders, innovators, and experts to showcase the latest advancements in packaging and processing. 

As the show wrapped up, three key takeaways emerged, providing insights into current industry trends and strategies to maintain a competitive edge in this dynamic market. 

Takeaway 1: Embracing Expertise Over In-House Solutions 

The first takeaway from PACK EXPO 2023 was the growing number of industry players discussing the pros and cons of developing their own software solutions rather than purchasing a solution from a vendor. While this DIY approach may seem appealing, it presents distinct challenges. Many of our customers know this from experience!

The manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving, with hardware, software, and processes in constant flux. Adapting to these shifts can be demanding, even for experienced in-house software teams. It’s not uncommon for organizations to be forced to abandon their software projects due to complexity and scale despite having capable in-house developers. 

In an industry where efficiency is paramount, it’s worth reconsidering whether building your own solution in-house is the best allocation of resources. Dedicated operational performance management (OPM) software vendors offer expertise tailored over years and across customers to meet manufacturing’s unique demands. By relying on these plug-and-play solutions, manufacturers can optimize their operations and focus on their core mission: delivering quality products to their customers.  

Takeaway 2: A User-Friendly Solution for All Stakeholders 

PACK EXPO 2023 also highlighted the need for solutions that are user-friendly for all stakeholders. Without industry-specific expertise, a software solution attempting to streamline manufacturing operations might inadvertently create bottlenecks in workflows, leading to frustration and wasted time.

A prime example of this is a solution with complex or cumbersome approval workflows that require extensive manual interventions to correct, resulting in delays and miscommunication among users. Simplifying approval workflows saves time and reduces the risk of errors during manual processes. By eliminating bottlenecks and automating tasks where possible, a user-friendly OPM solution contributes to cost savings and improved operations. 

Takeaway 3: Green Packaging and Cost-Efficiency 

The third takeaway focuses on the rise of green packaging in the industrial sector. As consumers increasingly demand environmentally friendly packaging alternatives, manufacturers need strategies to mitigate the increased costs associated with these sustainable materials. 

In this context, increased quality and reduced rejects become crucial. A specialized solution plays a pivotal role in achieving this. Quality is a key element of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and significantly contributes to cost savings. By minimizing rejects, manufacturers can offset the higher costs associated with green packaging materials and appeal to eco-conscious consumers.  


This year’s PACK EXPO provided valuable insights into the ongoing advancements in the manufacturing industry. 

Key takeaways include the challenges of building your own in-house software solutions, the importance of user-friendly systems designed for all stakeholders, and the focus on enhancing quality to mitigate the cost increases resulting from adopting eco-friendly packaging.  

By embracing user-friendly OPM solutions, such as Ekho OPM, manufacturers can effectively pursue enhanced efficiency, streamline workflows, and meet the growing demands of environmentally conscious consumers. 

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